Eldon Yoder - Owner & Operator of NodleStudios

Web Artisan

I help my clients craft an effective, efficient, and elegant web presence so they can better share their message and connect with their audience.

What I Do

Most of the projects I work on are centered around Web Design & Development.

Web Design

The main reason I got into web work was because I loved seeing a project go from an idea, to a design to the development of the final product. Over the past couple of years Web Design has been a particular interest of mine.

Web Development

I really enjoy the entirety of the web site or app building process. Whether building a custom WordPress theme, a Statamic site, or a Laravel powered web app I sweat the small details to craft a smooth user experience.

Client Projects

A few of my more recent client projects.
Checkout for WooCommerce Web Design/Development


Earlier this year I was privileged to design and then help build the new marketing site for Checkout for WooCommerce. The goal was to revamp the design of the entire site, while adding clarity to the product features, and ultimately to help visitors decide whether CheckoutWC is what they need.
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Yoders’ Farm

My family has lived on a farm for 50+ years and for the last ten or so years we’ve been moving more and more into the world for agritourism. Recently it was time to give the old website a rework to focus on helping our people find information faster as well as provide a good foundation for future expansion.
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Get in Touch

Have a project that you think I might be a good fit for? Or maybe you’re not sure where to start with your idea… either way I’d love to hear from you and we can start a conversation about it!